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1971 BMW 2002





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I4 2.0L
Manual 5-Speed
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HAGERTY PRICE IS $50K They are going up in value day by day...This is not a tii. Bought this for my son when he grows up as his inheritance iIt is what it is you don't like it then don't make low ball offers or make anywise comments plz! FIRM 2 owner Calif rust free car all original even the air cleaner Books the original steering wheel original stickers on window, Has had 1 accident on the driver then it went to complete striped naked rotisserie style restoration new high compression engine new 5 speed Transmission, new carpets new chromes all around the original old radio comes with original factory bmw wheels also. NO ownership history no carfax is available for this year vehicle. Watch the walkaround video. It’ always been California car. BMW 2002 Whispers its Way Into History and Inspires New ultimate driving machine. Today we'd call it a sports coupe. But in 1968, we didn't have a name for the burgeoning segment of practical compacts with the inspired handling of European sports cars. We just knew that they were good and that none was greater in those early days than the BMW 2002. The 2002's significance was recognized—celebrated, really—in this legendary Car and Driver magazine. To my way of thinking, the 2002 is one of modern civilization's all-time best ways to get somewhere sitting down. very nice Original Vintage old car Radio "BECKER MONTE CARLO SPORT" Made in Germany.... for a limited time I am offering Free Nationwide Shipping, No Financing! NOT OPEN CAR LOT viewing No local sales with +2128 positive feedback eBay/amazon Sightunseen virtual online warehouse in Riverside CA. Father & son family owned for 20 years car enthusiasts who find special cars, fix them, make them Roadworthy then ship them to (Happy Customer) to leave a memorable impression but if you are nitpicking complainy type don't buy a "USED" car from us. Must watch video $1000 deposit CC, Venmo, zelle, Balance wired next day we ship Clean Title Guarantee & 7 days Engine Transmission Mechanical warranty. For 100 photos carfax Video visit { www.70scar.com } Serious Inquiries Please call/text Daren (951) 556-9911 AFTER U SEEN THE VIDEO....

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(DISCLAIMER : There are over 3,000 individual parts in vehicles. We also cannot guarantee that every gauge, light, window, horn, option, function, electrical switch etc will work as it should. We do our best to inspect these vehicles in every detail, and note any imperfections in the advertisement and video.  GIVEN THE NATURE OF VINTAGE VEHICLES  WE SELL, THESE COMPONENTS CAN BE WORKING AT ONE MOMENT AND NOT WORKING AT ANOTHER MOMENT AND NOT WORKING AT ANOTHER MOMENT. IT IS COMMON THAT THESE WILL NEED UPKEEP OR ATTENTION. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS BEFORE BUYING A VINTAGE AUTOMOBILE) Our LIMITED GUARANTEE is regulated to Major Catastrophic Breakdown issues pertaining Internal Engine, Transmission and / or Non Disclosed Major Overall Conditions (such as non-disclosed salvage history). It is important we all understand the rules / protections afforded under the rules we use , which can be found on our website.  The stance of the company is as follows :  Purchases *MUST BE CONTACTED ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY with MAJOR CATASTROPHIC ISSUE ( I.E. ENGINE OVER HEAT, TRANSMISSION DOES NOT SHIFT) Then provide receipt with a valid invoice on estimate for catastrophic issue to arbitrate on items over $500. This does not apply to minor issues : (costing less than $500)