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1999 1999 PANOZ ROADSTER Panoz AIV Roadster





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V8 4.6L
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1999 PANOZ ROADSTER $100,000 1999 Panoz AIV Roadster. AIV stands for Aluminum Intensive Vehicle. One of 8 manufactured for the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition. This is the Panoz AIV Roadster. A two-seat sports car that combines wind-in-your-face driving excitement with the best in aerospace technology. Unique color the only 1 in the world pearl AMG solarBeam yellow full leather interior. new 20 inch BBS wheels. Under hood are polished Danny Panoz Signature. A plaque with the names of all the vehicle assemblers is also mounted near the windshield. Cool looking car. Cold AC, high output Alpine stereo new wheels new tires new service smog, ridiculously clean condition. 19 years old and only 10,000 miles, Driven only 10 miles every weekend never Raced black canvas is like brand new snap on top and special German chrome roll bar, Amazingly fun and reliable car! 0 to 60 mph in 4 sec, jet roaring sound from exhaust, G force at take off lifts all your weight from button if the seat to back of seat. I have sold many numbers of used Panoz among any pre owned dealers, This car Car was purchased from insurance company in black color with minor fender bender. no under hood no structural no frame damage....please see the video prior to replacement of the nose cover...side window are also in new excellent condition with no folds or tears. Leather storage bag is included. One of the greatest things about America is that entrepreneurs are alive and thriving. From computer software boutiques to micro breweries, we see many of the most innovative products coming from the smallest companies. That's true of the car industry, as well. The result is a ride like no other. And one look at the Panoz AIV will tell you, this is a car that loves to be driven. This stubby, chunky, balloon-fendered roadster just cries out for a winding road. You can almost see the dappled sunlight floating across every curve and glinting off the chrome accents. There's hardly a straight line to be seen from its wide wedged front, past the short midsection with its half doors, to the classic cobra-esque rounded rump. The 2017 headlights with angel lights and signal upgrades , nerf bumper, and exposed front suspension are a throwback to an earlier motoring era, when pure sportscars and street rods ruled the backroads of America. The only disruption in the smooth lines is the oversized air scoop grafted to the hood, an evil made necessary by the hungry V-8 lurking within. The powerplant is another Cobra link, in this case the 4.6 liter quad cam V-8 from Ford's latest Cobra. Its 310 horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque makes the hood blister a trade-off we can live with. Like their previous efforts, Panoz makes extensive use of Ford matched components in the AIV Roadster, from steering, brakes, and fuel systems, to gauges and wiring harnesses. This makes it easier simpler to service as well at any local Ford dealer. But the Panoz aluminum box frame is Panoz' own design, and a sturdier unit we've not seen. Body panels are also aluminum, molded via superplastic forming by Superform USA in California. The result is a car that's 70% aluminum with a curb weight of just 2,600 pounds. Hence the name; AIV stands for Aluminum Intensive Vehicle. The cockpit is rather tight, so it's best to limit passengers to close friends only. The interior is dominated by the large transmission tunnel, slightly compromising hip, elbow, and foot room. the occupants are ensconced in a surprisingly luxurious manner. Leather surfaces are set off with tasteful amounts of wood or carbon-fiber trim. The Mustang gauges and controls look right at home here, too. A tilt wheel and 180 watt CD stereo completes the package. Luggage space is generous for weekend outings, and a toolbox built into the trunklid takes the worry out of that extended Sunday ride. The supple suspension soaked up the bumps and allowed little body roll.

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