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1999 BMW Z3 coupe






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L6 2.8
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***********G12096 Request VIN
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OUR WINDOW STICKER IS $25K. Road & Track magazine says: described it as "a handsome car, Germanically muscular...and bound for stardom. "This ALPINA tribute is a Aggressive beast looking kooky, maybe not as fast as M3 or M coupe but fun, distinctive car for BMW lovers ethisistic who enjoys driving for the sake of driving, handle that great, and (if driven the way it was meant to be) is pretty gas-greedy. I just love looking at it. quite beautiful. you will love the way the rear hips flare out around the wheels like 911s. with the ALPINA rear wing like airplane This car feels and sounds faster than it probably is. I think 0-60 is about 5.9 the sound of the engine revving the ALPINA EXHAUST system passed smog easy and ferrari tuned sound free slow combined with sitting so close to the ground, makes for an exciting drive. The engine sounds great when Reved, the exhaust sports car, The Z3 does easily pass most other traffic if you rev it hard in every gear. And hey: 230 HP in a car this light is nothing to sneeze at (in fact, the 3.0 has only 10 HP less than the '99-2000 M Coupe. What makes this car exciting is that you have to focus 100% on the driving. Yes, for a limited time I am offering Free Nationwide Shipping, No Financing! NOT OPEN CAR LOT viewing No local sales with +2128 positive feedback eBay/amazon Sightunseen virtual online warehouse in Riverside CA. Father & son family owned for 20 years car enthusiasts who find special cars, fix them, make them Roadworthy then ship them to (Happy Customer) to leave a memorable impression but if you are nitpicking complainy type don't buy a "USED" car from us. Must watch video $1000 deposit CC, Venmo, zelle, Balance wired next day we ship Clean Title Guarantee & 7 days Engine Transmission Mechanical warranty. For 100 photos carfax Video visit { www.70scar.com } Serious Inquiries Please call/text Daren (951) 556-9911 AFTER U SEEN THE VIDEO....

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(DISCLAIMER : There are over 3,000 individual parts in vehicles. We also cannot guarantee that every gauge, light, window, horn, option, function, electrical switch etc will work as it should. We do our best to inspect these vehicles in every detail, and note any imperfections in the advertisement and video.  GIVEN THE NATURE OF VINTAGE VEHICLES  WE SELL, THESE COMPONENTS CAN BE WORKING AT ONE MOMENT AND NOT WORKING AT ANOTHER MOMENT AND NOT WORKING AT ANOTHER MOMENT. IT IS COMMON THAT THESE WILL NEED UPKEEP OR ATTENTION. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS BEFORE BUYING A VINTAGE AUTOMOBILE) Our LIMITED GUARANTEE is regulated to Major Catastrophic Breakdown issues pertaining Internal Engine, Transmission and / or Non Disclosed Major Overall Conditions (such as non-disclosed salvage history). It is important we all understand the rules / protections afforded under the rules we use , which can be found on our website.  The stance of the company is as follows :  Purchases *MUST BE CONTACTED ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY with MAJOR CATASTROPHIC ISSUE ( I.E. ENGINE OVER HEAT, TRANSMISSION DOES NOT SHIFT) Then provide receipt with a valid invoice on estimate for catastrophic issue to arbitrate on items over $500. This does not apply to minor issues : (costing less than $500)