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1999 Winnebago Eurovan Camper






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Easy to drive, well organized. Good visibility. The previous owner the old couple hated to sell it because it will be hard to find another one with this low miles, would not be afraid to drive it anywhere. Is the perfect car/camper combo. Easy to park. Interior very clean, spacious. Furnace and air conditioning work great. Most popular size 22ft Fits easy in any Driveway and parking spot or driving around town. Has compartment set up ready for any small generator. kinda like the eurovan winnebago has the shower, and the sink, stove, multipe dining tables, a fridge, icebox, clothing cupboard, and a huge, power everything, air vent, lower folding bed and under seat stowage The RV industry has been seeing tremendous growth over the last few years. It’s growing at a rapid pace and sales are hitting numbers not seen since the mid-1970’s. Currently, more than 9 million families own at least one RV for seasonal recreation. But for many, RVing isn’t just a summer activity. For many, it’s become a lifestyle. In fact, industry experts estimate that roughly 1 million or more families live in their RVs full-time. It’s Affordable, One of the biggest reasons people are drawn to RVing is because it’s an affordable way to travel the country. You Can Still Work on the Road with today's vast Cellular wifi nationwide: Gone are the days where you had to be retired, rich, or have a hefty stash of savings to be able to RV. Thanks to technology and more job flexibility, a vast majority of RVers are able to work out of their RVs It’s a Best & Sensible Way to Explore the Country It’s Good for You: It’s true. Travel makes us wiser and well-rounded. Studies have shown that traveling enhances creativity, relieves stress, and can even strengthen your relationship with your significant other. RV travel, in particular, teaches you how to adapt and think on your feet, which is always a good skill to have . A friendly notice to our local car shoppers; We are not like an open car-Lot just for viewing! (By appointment only after proof of Funds) We are your traditional Father & Son Warehouse collection of some of the best we can find. All or 90% of our customers are Sightunseen, the Greatest incentive Buying onLine is FREE door to door Shipping & Buy Back Guarantee protection and to Save & avoid the additional 10% CA TAX DMV fees... The reality is, Legends never die. These vehicles are becoming more collectible and hard to come by. Specifically in the condition we are offering with our 30 years experience, we understand very well what to do to make it easy for you, All cars go through a 50 point inspection, Our skilled teams give personalized attention & Repairs to make sure our cars will leave a memorable impression (Happy Customer). We are honored to keep the nostalgic car culture alive. Restoring and bringing life back to roadworthy, We Appreciate these Unique Cars, Guarantee Clean Title, No Financing No salesman, No bait & switch, No hidden dealer fee$. We have a "one price only" policy. No Low Balling. Once we get funded we ship the Next day, Please visit our website : www.70scar.com to watch the walk around video, Carfax and 100+ images of condition. If you have specific questions about the cars please call/text Daren 951-556-9911.

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