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V8 Dinan Cold Air
Manual 6-Speed
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Not open for car-Lot viewing! Buy onLine & get Free Shipping, Traditional Father & son owned Company; The reality is, Legends never die. These Era vehicles are becoming more and more collectible and hard to come by. Specifically in the condition we are offering with our 30 years experiences, we understand very well what to do to make it easy for you and guarantee what you see will be what you receive. All cars go through a 50 point inspection prior being stored in our Southern Calif. Our skilled teams give personalized attention & service to make sure our cars will leave a memorable impression (Happy Customer). Unless If you are a Nitpicking OCD customer expecting New car condition from our used cars then please DON'T BUY FROM US! We are honored to keep the nostalgic car culture alive. Restoring and bringing back to roadworthy, We Appreciate these Unique Cars, working with specialty service shops for each process. (i.e. eBay & Amazon Geico USAA AMEX Navy Federal unions & ....) No Financing! We have "one price only" policy No Low Balling! 100% Clean Title, BUYBACK Warranty for Any major issues. Upon Funding Next day shipping is Arranged by The Best in business Easy Car Shipping will coordinate your door-to-door delivery. Please visit our website : www.70scar.com watch videos, Carfax and 100+ images of condition. If you have specific questions about our collection please call/text Daren 951-556-9911 & For deposit purchase agreement wire Funding please Call/Text Bijan 516-712-8741This 2 Owner ALPINA / DINAN is Super Special BMW's 6 Series coupe 6 Spd is jam-packed with so many fascinating technologies that it'd take a book to cover them properly. There's the expected: DINAN / ALPINA upgrades, WHEELS, TUNED EXHAUST SYSTEM, PERFORMANCE CHIP, DECO KIT active cruise control, stability control, active roll stabilization, dynamic brake control, a head-up display, Bluetooth cell phone technology and even a simplified iDrive interface that has a menu button to rescue you whenever you're hopelessly lost in that vast menu-driven electronic jungle. Headlight swivel and point into a corner to better illuminate the area where the car is headed, and LED brake lights that intensify as brake pressure increases. Also noteworthy is the optional active steering, whose quick ratio slows considerably at 75 mph to enhance stability all the way to the car's limited top speed of 170 mph. It takes a powerful engine to propel a big 2+2 coupe to such speeds, and BMW's familiar 4.4-liter V-8 in the 2004 645Ci does so with ease. Alpina Exhaust rumbling loud, smooth, this 4-cam aluminum-block V-8 employs steplessly variable intake and exhaust valve timing to pump out 325 bhp at 6100 rpm and 330 lb.-ft. of torque at 3600 rpm. Although the power doesn't make the 6 feel as hold-your-breath quick as, say, BMW says the 3781-lb. 645Ci hits 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, When this 645Ci arrived in the U.S. in March/April, priced at about $85,000 with all extras added on, and be available with Rare gearboxes: a 6-speed manual In a grand tourer such as this, the automatic isn't sacrilege; it's the smoothest offering, and still sporty because the driver can shift manually by nudging the gear lever. The 6-speed manual is more entertaining, but BMW has yet to make a V-8/manual combination work as harmoniously as its silken inline-6/manual designs. Future M cars such as the M6 will likely be available exclusively with SMG because it has been deemed too difficult to shift 7-speed manual gearboxes (yes, they're on their way) with a conventional H-pattern shifter. Beneath the skin, the unit-body 645Ci benefits from abundant aluminum — in its front and rear subframes, and in the front strut and multi link rear suspensions. The lightweight metal is also used in the hood and doors, although BMW chose to use plastics for the front fenders and trunk lid. The trunk itself is cavernous, thanks in part to run-flat tires negating the need for a spare. A battery beneath the trunk hel

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(DISCLAIMER : There are over 3,000 individual parts in vehicles. We also cannot guarantee that every gauge, light, window, horn, option, function, electrical switch etc will work as it should. We do our best to inspect these vehicles in every detail, and note any imperfections in the advertisement and video.  GIVEN THE NATURE OF VINTAGE VEHICLES  WE SELL, THESE COMPONENTS CAN BE WORKING AT ONE MOMENT AND NOT WORKING AT ANOTHER MOMENT AND NOT WORKING AT ANOTHER MOMENT. IT IS COMMON THAT THESE WILL NEED UPKEEP OR ATTENTION. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS BEFORE BUYING A VINTAGE AUTOMOBILE) Our BUYBACK GUARANTEE is regulated to Major Catastrophic issues pertaining Engine, Transmission and / or Non Disclosed Major Overall Conditions (such as salvage history / structure damage). It is important we all understand the rules / protections afforded under the rules we use for BuyBack, which can be found on our website.  The stance of the company is as follows :  Purchases have 2 days after receipt with a valid invoice on estimate for catastrophic issue to arbitrate on items over $500. This does not apply to minor issues : (costing less than $500)